In our plant, 20 minutes from downtown Buenos Aires, we build industry solutions; from design to after-sales service, using the latest technology and in compliance with all technical and safety standards of the installation country.

Through a trajectory always accompanied by the precious trust of our clients, and motivated by passion for Automation, HRM currently has:

- Implementation of the most modern technologies.
- Own manufacturing of parts and molds with CNC machines.
- Highly skilled and specialized in Automation Engineering.
- Systematic improvements in our infrastructure and means of production.
- Management Techniques increasingly formal.



Considering the importance of the unit always be operational, and focusing on the quality of the machine product, we think that it is essential to ensure a constantly high quality level.


It is a necessary condition for approving engineering design, the system provides easy access for maintenance and the minimum amount of setpoints and regulations. It also seeks the sophistication and complexity is just the right.


The mechanisms and machine parts are designed with high safety factors. This is important for the service life of the machine and the safety of goods and persons.


We understand that the machines must integrate harmoniously with the plant and the other machines. From there, the design must be pleasant, both in format and finishes and colors.


It is our commitment to our clients
to provide answers to any question
about the installation and during
the long life of the product.